Nov 18

5 Off Beat Experiences That Must Not Be Missed On Petra Tour

If you are planning for a visit to the ancient city of Petra, there are lots more to do apart from touring activities. If you are a lover of adventure, there are lots in store for you. Adventure is related to some activities that are out of the way and Petra has plenty of such to offer. Here are 5 ways you can enjoy in an off beaten track.

1. Enjoy Petra at night time
The experience of the grand old city of Petra at night time will be a life time experience. Do not miss out this activity during your Tours to Petra that are organized by the leading tour operators. The tour starts from the main entrance of Petra. The path of the tour is lit up by thousands of candles. This experience under the starlit sky is unforgettable. The views of the ancirent city at night are something different from the night which can only be experienced and not explained.

2. Visit Little Petra
This place is in the outskirts of the main Petra City. It is around 20 minutes drive after crossing Wadi Musa. It is a miniature version of Petra city. If you come to this place, you can experience the proximity to the ruins of the Nabateans. The best way to enjoy the place is to go walking through the town and enjoy picnicking in the hills nearby.

3. Travel to Wadi Musa
Wadi Musa is a village near to Petra City. It literally means “Valley of Moses”. There are lots of eateries and hotels at this place. There are many local shops where you can find local crafts sold by the artisans. Though plenty of tourists come to Petra, this place has the unique local feeling that needs to be experienced. You must enjoy the afternoons after the crowd of tourist leave and get the local feel.

4. Explore the trails of Bedouins
The places around the city of Petra have many Bedouin trails which must be experienced for experiencing the unique feeling. There are several hiking trails of Bedouins that are in use since the ancient days. Since the trails are not identified properly, you can take the help of guides. A good guide books can also help you out. You can take breath taking views of the place around on the course of this path.

5. Night spending at Bedouin camps
When you undertake the Tours to Petra, this is a ‘not to miss experience’. You can get the exquisite experience of spending a night in the traditional Bedouin camps near to Petra city and Little Petra. You can enjoy the traditional Bedouin cuisine here. Staying at night in the wilderness in the setting of the ancient city of Petra under the starlit sky will be unmatchable experience to be cherished forever. It will be really worth spending the money.

Apart from the regular tour, these out of the way experiences in an ethnic style will make your Petra tour more memorable.


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