Nov 29

6 Tips on How to Beat Jet Lag

For the seasoned business traveler, corporate travel is a part and parcel of their routine and they’ve mastered the technique of beating jet lag. For the novice corporate traveler, jet lag could cause business travel to be a bane rather than a boon. Rather than utilizing the opportunity to get make a great impression, corporate travelers affected by jet lag could end up sabotaging their corporate meetings. Hence it is vital to beat jet lag during business travel to make a fantastic pitch to your prospective clients.

Prepare For Your Trip
This is one of the most important aspects of combating jet lag. Before departing, make sure you have all your affairs, business and personal, in order. Ensure you are not stressed out with excitement or worry, and not tired or hungover from a function the night before. Get plenty of exercise in the days prior to departure and try to avoid sickness such as the flu, colds and so on. Get a good night’s sleep just prior to departure.

Adapt To Sleep Patterns In Advance
Try and alter your sleep patterns before you go to more closely match the times of your destination. Set the alarm for 3am, get dressed, fire off a few emails, and go back to bed. Try to arrive at your destination a night in advance, it helps in syncing your body clock. Try and build in a stopover, so your body has more time to adapt to the new routine.When you get on the plane, set your watch to the time of your destination to get yourself psychologically aligned.

Stay Hydrated And Active
It is easy to be lured by alcohol but the effects of alcohol at altitude can increase tiredness and also cause dehydration. If you are due to land at night, avoid caffeine heavy beverages such as coffee, cola and energy since these will affect your sleep patterns. But do drink plenty of water onboard to keep yourself hydrated. Avoid sleeping pills as they will do nothing to assist the jetlag and will just leave you feeling fuzzy when you land. On a really long flight, move around regularly and do exercises to keep the blood circulating which will make you feel better.

Eat As Per The Schedule Of Your Destination
Airplane food is generally served on a schedule that’s consistent with the time zone you’re leaving, not the one you’re going to. If you’re hungry, snack lightly until you arrive at your destination, and eat during what would be mealtimes there.

Sleeping Aids
Blindfolds, ear plugs, neck pillows are all useful in helping you get quality sleep while flying. Take off your shoes to ease pressure on the feet.Some airlines provide soft sock like slippers, or carry your own.

Spend Time In The Sun
After arrival, spend a lot of time out in the sunlight, which will help your body reset its natural time clock to coincide with your new surroundings.Can’t get outside? Open the curtains over the hotel window to let in as much sun as possible, and do some exercises in the room.

With these simple tips you are well equipped to combating jet lag during your corporate travel.


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