Nov 20

Explore The Magic of Atlas Mountains in Morocco

Do you know 60% of morocco tourists visit for its culture and ancient heritage in their morocco Holidays? Morocco is a land of mystery, situated across the strait on the Mediterranean Sea, running with Atlas Mountains from northwest to southwest through the middle, with rich historical culture, beautiful scenery and hospitable people. Morocco is about the size of equal to California, having population of 32 million on the total area of 172,413 sq. mi. The capital of morocco is Rabat with less population (approx. 1.2 million) then the country’s biggest city named Casablanca (approx. 3.36 million). Now morocco is under the rule of Muhammad VI since 1999 after the death of his father King Hassan II.

Tourism industry is well developed in morocco due to its ideal location and political stability. Government of morocco has created a ministry of tourism in 1985 when a lot of tourists around the world chose morocco to explore the mystery of its Atlas Mountains and historical castles. The “Plan Azur” is one of the large scale project in morocco, started by King Muhammad VI to internationalize his country. Total six coastal resorts are developed for tourist’s holidays, five on the Atlantic coast and one in Mediterranean. Soon this beautiful country will become the best tourism place for tourists.

With the Beauty and mixture of traditional values from different cultures, specifically Barber and Arabs, morocco has become a favorite place for all European’s, especially for its neighborhood country’s (Algeria) peoples to come here for shopping, discovering ancient places and to meet their friends and relatives. Mostly tourists around the globe come here to enjoy the long stretched beaches, Kasba in Agadir, hot sand dunes in Sahara, Atlas Mountains (from south to Algerian frontier) and old defense walls of Essaouira.

The biggest city of morocco is Casablanca which is famous for its “Time Square”, “Hassan II Mosque” with world’s tallest minaret and different architectural buildings which are comparable to New York’s concrete jungle. Tarfaya and Ouarzazate are well known for film making ideal locations with sandy beaches and comfortable resorts. Surrounded by high walls with great doors in Spanish Moorish style, the Meknes city is pretty impressive and attractive for visitors.

For spending your morocco Holiday, Marrakesh is one of the well known city for its “world famous square” an urban icon, which is a bridge between the past and the present. You can enjoy the beautiful green gardens, lavish residential houses, wonderful Palaces, Riads and museums within Marrakesh city in cheap morocco holidays package. Another largest city of morocco is Fez, with the history of golden age (1070) to modern period (2016) and its cultural ethics will influence you to explore long exposure of the old Medina.


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