Nov 27

How Electronic Travel Authorization Works in Order to Enter Canada

Moving around the world is the basic fundamental right of every citizen residing at his or her own country. There are various international laws which state that every citizen irrespective of his caste creed and nationality can visit any place for any purpose. This particular freedom sometimes gets misused and that leads to a disruption in the welfare of the nation.

A particular restriction should be there in order to allow citizens of other countries to enter a nation. Visa restricts people from entering a country on various grounds. Now, this is quite common and a basic necessity for every government to stop the continuous migration from one part of the world to the other.

Here, we will talk about ETA and how to get it within a short span of time. All over the world there are millions of people who get migrated to Canada for various purposes. Education, work, business and leisure trip are the three main features which enable people to move to Canada for a particular period of time.

When everything gets set for visiting Canada, the Visa application comes as an obstacle due to its time stretch and certain other discrepancies. The Visa gets rejected on various grounds and it becomes very difficult to retrieve. Yet, people apply for it and in most cases it gets approved. In the recent years an ETA is an alternative to Visa in Canada.

What is ETA?

This is a new entry requirement for visa exempt foreign nationals flying to or transiting through Canada. This particular authorization is directly linked with the passport of an individual and is valid for five years or till the time the visa gets expired.

The entire processing of ETA is quite fast and beneficial for many people. Before highlighting the entire process of application let’s discuss some important facts about ETA.

Who needs an Electronic Travel Authorization?

The citizens other than United States who do not need a Visa to enter Canada needs a proper ETA before flying to Canada. This ETA is only needed when people are travelling through Air and not by land or sea. This is a highly secured way to make people enter the country.

The system of electronic travel authorization has been effective from 15th March 2016 and from then till now the system is widely accepted by every person entering Canada by Air.

How to Apply for an ETA?

The application process of an ETA is very simple and fast. Sometimes people get an ETA in no time but in some cases it takes a little bit of time due to certain document verification. A short overview of the steps are mentioned below

– At first the form needs to be filled. The application form contains all the dETAils that are necessary before giving an ETA Canada. An individual should fill up the form with proper dETAils.

– The form can be downloaded from ETA Canada and can be saved to fill up later.

– After filling up the form with proper dETAils an individual needs to submit it along with a monETAry transaction. This payment needs to be done at the time of sending the form.

– After the payment there comes a confirmation within 72 hours regarding the approval of the application.

– Later a person needs to verify his or her documents before the final approval. In this regard further information is provided via email.

So, ETA is the new system which got implemented to enter Canada. Every citizen around the world can apply for ETA by simply following the above steps. One may go for a job or a trip or may be for further studies, everyone needs to get an ETA approval before entering the Canadian Land.


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