Nov 08

How to Get Moscow Tourist Information Easily

It is a well known fact that Moscow, the Russian Capital is a city comprising of rich culture. It is also a home to around 11 million people, thus making it as the most heavily populated cities. Below is a quick reference guide to the climate, navigating and sights in relation to the city, thus making the visit a vast experience!

Climate of Moscow

Unlike other parts of the northern hemisphere, Moscow is known to witness the extremes of climate ranging from bitterly cold winter to scorching summer. The climate plays a vital role in the field Moscow tourist information. During the peak summer during July and August, the average temperature ranges between 30-35 degrees.

However, with the starting of October, the climate suddenly starts cooling down and the same scenario carries on till January and February. Sometimes it exists till March as well! The spring months of March and April are also considered to be the most suitable time for visiting Moscow with little rainfall and temperatures averaging at around 20 degrees Centigrade.

Best Action to be Taken

One may easily get Moscow tourist information by starting his tour from the Red Square. It is well known and highly famous square that has been established around the 14th Century and became famous for the grace it holds within it. He can easily enter into the square through the Resurrection gate followed by getting struck by the exclusive color combination of St. Basil’s Cathedral.

One may take a tour of the Cathedral. The Red Square plays the role of home to the Tomb of Lenin where one may enter to have a look of his body. The presence of the amazing GUM shopping center comprising of exclusive architecture along with great cafes and high end boutiques also energize the mind of tourists.

Additional Places to Visit

Another spot that is well known among tourists is the Kremlin, which along with being the center of the Russian Government is the home to numerous museums, traditional cathedrals, and sights of historical interest. One can easily spend an entire afternoon by simply exploring the Kremlin.

But at the same time, he must ensure to catch the glimpses of the Cathedral of St. Michael, Cathedral of Annunciation and Cathedral of Assumption that is located here. People who desire to relax and take into consideration the striking architecture and scenery of the Russian capital, must give a trial to a river boat cruise.

Trip to River and Metro

A two hour trip through the Moskva River will let one take the sights of the Kremlin, Gorky Park, Moscow State University and additional landmarks cum historic buildings. It is great to hear that the metro system of Moscow has gained a high reputation for its reliability, cleanliness, and efficiency.

Nevertheless, the underground stations are so exclusively decorated, that they attract everybody. Also, they refresh the mind of tourists. Also, both trains and stations get busy during peak hours. But the inclusion of the Soviet era sculptures, architecture and mosaics make it a piece of cake in terms of coping.

Tour to Moscow will definitely be a memorable tour for all!


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