Nov 29

Mounts Mera And Yala Peaks Give Ultimate Peak Climbing in Nepal to Tourists

Since many years, the country of Nepal has remained stand out as the famous Himalayan Kingdom. It not only includes large numbers of mountain peaks, but also has few of the famous peaks, which remained open for trekking and climbing purposes. In addition, the place incorporates the best possible infrastructure for supporting both mountaineering and tourism.

Nepal has witnessed mountaineering activity dating back further as compared to any other country belonging to Asia with its early expeditions from 1890s and during the beginning of 19th century. In this article, experienced mountain climbers have highlighted about their experiences related to Peak Climbing in Nepal.

Mount Mera Peak

Mount Mera Peak is one among the highest mountain yet trekking peaks in Nepal that stands at about 6476 meters. It provides countless stunning views of the popular Solu Khumbu region i.e. the entrance to the peak of Mount Everest.

According to individuals experienced Mera Peak Climbing, Mera Peak is one among the alluring trekking peaks of Nepal. Reason for this is that trekking and mountaineering across the region allows for a culturally stimulating journey via remote picturesque forests and villages followed by gentle climb towards the summit.

Based on the involved climbing approach, mountaineers consider Mera Peak climb as an efficient way to feel like expedition of full blown mountains. It nestles remotely in the Khumbu region to provide 6,000 meters of climbing experience to Himalayan mountain trekkers and tourists.

Mount Yala Peak

Yala Peak Climbing suits perfectly for all individuals willing to stand over the summit of Himalayas but have only limited time available. It provides the best possible thrills of adventurous trekking and climbing of peaks in famous Langtang region beyond simple hiking activities.

Since the complete trek is non technical type, individuals do not require any previous climbing experience. However, adequate fitness and outdoor experience is mandatory for people. Individuals should check their gears properly to move ahead for exploring sights as well as sounds of the famous Kathmandu valley and thereby, start the journey to famous Yala Peak of Langtang with a long drive from Kathmandu to up to Syburbesi.

By trekking from dense forest regions and traditional ethnic spots via famous Lama Hotel, Kenjin Gompa and Langtang village, mountaineers will be able to reach Yala peak’s base camp. Best thing about Yala peak trekking is that it requires a period of only 2 weeks to climb in the region of Langtang and thereby, gain ultimate climbing experience within less possible duration.


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