Nov 15

Trekking in Nepal Allows to Experience Everest And Kanchenjunga Treks

Trekking to the Mount Everest region gives plenty of opportunities to travelers to gain enjoyment via unique trekking experience in Himalayan region that remains protected with the help of Sagarmatha National park in the eastern region of Nepal.

Everest Base Camp trek starts from the altitude of about 2845 meters and goes up to highest point of the earth and highest mountain peak of the world i.e. Mount Everest at 8848 meters. Being the rooftop of the world, Mount Everest or Sagarmatha has remained goddess mother worldwide and prime attraction for true nature lovers.

Everest trek heartland serves as a popular form of Trekking in Nepal and at the same time, an important part of the entire Himalayan mystique and provides few of the popular destinations for worldwide adventures.

Complete geography of the region covers alpine forests, rugged and rocky valleys, neat Sherpa areas, meadows, icefalls and glaciers. In addition, the trekking to the Sagarmatha region lets individuals to view famous monasteries and wild animals found in the region.

Main objective behind Everest Base Camp trek is to reach its base camp that situated at about 5346 meters. However, getting the excellent views of Mount Everest is difficult from its base camp. Hence, majority of trekkers choose to climb to reach Kalapattar at about 5545 meters on Pumori’s southern flank. At this point, travelers will be able to get close view of the rooftop and countless spectacular views of Himalayan Mountains.

After this, Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek lets travelers to experience big adventure in the dominating peak of Kanchenjunga that lets individuals to kick the respective adrenaline rush. Trekking trail to this mountain peak is somewhat different from every other trek whenever we go for comparing it with other ones present in the belt of Indian Himalayan region. Moreover, the Massifs of Kanchenjunga Mountains involve big crosses, which span the boundaries of three countries named Tibet, Nepal and Sikkim of India.

Lastly, trailers and trekkers may go for Upper Mustang trek, which would allow them to identify the hidden world comprise of old kingdom of Buddhism named Mustang or Lo. Upper Mustang is close to Tibet and easily accessible from Tibet, because of which it contained close relations with language, culture and geography of Tibet.

Main objective to accomplish this trek is to reach the capital of Upper Mustand and Lo Manthang. Therefore, by moving from the pass, you will be able to view medieval capital in walled pattern and other similar views of the Mustang region.


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