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Trekking in Nepal Lets Tourists to Move on Finest Trek Routes

beautiful trek in nepal, himalayaNepal has always remained a favorite spot among tourists willing to explore across Himalayan Ranges. The country is home to few of the great mountain peaks, including the highest peak worldwide i.e. ‘Mount Everest’ of 8848 meters above from the height of sea level. These high peaks of the country compel rock climbers, mountaineers and other people passionate to gain adventurous experience to plan their tours to Nepal. Especially, individuals love to visit the place to experience Trekking in Nepal and consider the place as paradise for trekkers. This is because of the inclusion of few finest trekking routes and trails, about which experts have mentioned in this article.

Base Camp of Mount Everest
As mentioned before, Mount Everest is the highest mountain peak across the world possessing height equal to 8848 meters above the level of sea. The region offers large numbers of trail and trek routes for travelers want to enjoy Hiking in Nepal. These are Dudh Kunda, Lukla, Everest Base Camp, Pike Danda, Chiwong Circuit, Salleri, Hongu Valleys, Hinkhu Valleys and Arun Valleys. All of these trek routes offer amazing views of mountain ranges as well as peaks belonging to great Himalayan region, monasteries of Lord Buddha and lifestyle, tradition and culture of local area people.

Region of Annapurna
Annapurna region is another famous destination available for tourists to enjoy trekking activities. It provides thrilling trekking trails worldwide to large numbers of adventure lovers. South facing base camp of the mountain peal, circuit trek, Jomsom trek and similar others are famous trek routes located in the region. In addition, the tour to Annapurna Mountain regions allow people arrived for enjoying Holidays in Nepal to view almighty Himalayan region, famous River of Kali Gandaki and Mount Dhaulagiri and thereby, explore within the fascinating region.

Valley of Katmandu
If you want to enjoy short treks, you should definitely try out for trekking in the Valley of Katmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Interesting fact about the valley is that it includes about 130 world famous monuments of both Buddhists and Hindus pilgrimages. Other than this, you will also find seven different world famous heritage sites in the region, while availability of teahouses, hotels and resorts on various trek routes of the entire valley.

Valley of Langtang
Majority of tourists consider Valley of Langtang as the valley comprised of glaciers. This is because, the entire region provides large numbers of panoramic views comprised of snow clad patterns of mountain peaks, which belonging to Great Himalayas, view chatty type of mountain streams, explore thick forests consisted of pine trees and widespread meadows. If this is not enough, valley has a national park that allows trekkers to explore rich fauna and flora in the entire region.


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