Nov 27

Wine Tours in Greece – Why Greece is Considered Wine Country

Greece holds a rich and long tradition of producing wine across the world. It not only relates to popular and religious traditions in connection with the cultural heritage but also associates with nutritional routines of Greeks. Heading on wine tours in Greece is surely a unique and mesmerising experience for you, especially if you are travelling with the love of your life.

The country specially plans wine routes for the travellers coming from worldwide to promote and maintain the heritage of wine making.

Greek wines – a historical overview

According to the revelation several archaeological discoveries, the Greek culture marks the greater significance of wine for more than 4000 years. Apart from being a nutritional add on in the daily regime of Greeks, the production of wine also plays a pivotal role in evolving the local economy of the country. Although it embodies great religious significance, you can find the earliest traces of producing wine in 3rd century BC on Crete Island.

Furthermore, with greater wine production, every state started trading of wines across the world through ships. The continuous trading process became a milestone for the country in achieving better economic status worldwide. Today, some of the most popular wine producing islands of Greece includes Macedonia, Crete, Chios, Lesvos, Lemnos, Thrace and Rhodes. Therefore, if you are planning romantic wine tours in Greece, you must not forget to include the vineries in these areas in your itinerary.

A palatable and colourful experience

Your journey of Greece will always remain incomplete without a tour of beautiful and exotic vineries. Comprising diversity of vineries for you to explore, you can experience a special feel close to nature. You can also seek opportunities of learning about grapevine cultivation methods and the rural life of the country. In order to capture the real flavour of a countryside, the expert travel planners suggest planning your stay at some small yet traditional guesthouse.

The more close you will stay with nature, the more you will get to know about the fermentation procedures and viticultural methods. If you are a hardcore lover of wine, you can find the true meaning of your life while sipping either white or red wine in the serene countryside of the country.

Top varietals to explore

Being a great producer of both white and red wines, Greece offers the largest varieties for you in superior quality and reasonable prices. Here are some of the most promising wine varietals of Greece that you should try during your trip:

Agiorgitiko – A black cherry flavoured grape producing velvety and lush red wines.
Athiri – A white variety offering the scent of nectarines.
Roditis – A pink skinned grape used for the production of crisp roses and whites.
Moscofilero – With blossom and tangerine scents, it is a primary white of Peloponnese.
Malagousia – A rare variety of jasmine and melon scented white.


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